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Visual Advertising Project

How to help to absorb visual advertising profession for pupils with emotional and behavioral disorders? How to reduce social exclusion through professional development?

According to ERASMUS + program project Nr. 2015 -1-LT01-KA102-013097 9 students had a chance to come to Riga to complete their practice in advertising area. EPD project coordinators were all the time with the participants. Urte Zukauskaite helped us with the whole project, completed introductory session in Kaunas for students.

In Riga students were safe with coordinators Katrina and Laila Rozena who helped them out with different issues.

Students worked in different companies such as SIA FDS CARDS (animation, advertising on cars,logos etc.), ADT(T-shirt pictures design, cards etc.), SIA DREAMERS (advertisement on souvenirs, discount cards design, cards, logos.), MASS PORTAL (3D models). Working in those companies students also improved their soft skills, such as communication, team work, managing your time, CV writing, self presentation.

7 teachers went to Lisbon, where they observed work in Lisbon schools, compared educational systems of Lithuania and Portugal. The visit was really productive, all the schools were really welcoming, we had follow up sessions with the staff of each school where we could ask questions and discuss various topics connected with better integration into job market after graduating Vocational school.

During the week 5 institutions were visited:

"CINEL- Centro de formação Profissional da Industria Electronica, Energia Telecomunicacdes e Tecnologia da Informação, where got acquainted with the Portuguese system of vocational training and practical work with socially excluded people aspects.

Externato Cooperativo das Benedita school introduced us to the co-operation with the labor market as well as examples of active learning methods.

In Vocational school Escola Profissional Val do Rio we watched workshops- learning through roles.

In Vocational schools Escola Profissional de Setubal and Escola Tecnica Empresarial do Oeste we observed the students' entrepreneurial skills, communicated with teachers, psychologists and social workers.

EPD president Bruno Carromeu and Project Coordinator Luís Dantas were very helpful and participated together in all visits.

We would like to express gratitude to all EPD team for helping to implement the Erasmus project.

Asta Augustinaviciene

Project coordinator

Kaunas Applied Art School, Lithuania

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