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Wood Product Manufacturing

Students from Valmieras Tehnikums in Latvia completed a 6 weeks traineeship within Erasmus+ project „Students' and teachers' qualification development in an international environment” Nr.2016-1-LV01-KA116-022446 in Portugal.

From 27th of June till 07th of August students participated on the mobility experience in Lisbon organized by European Projects Development. The main aim was to develop skills in practical work in field of wood product manufacturing. Participants deepened their theoretical knowledge through the vocational education program called “Wood product manufacturing”. The mobility experience connected educational knowledge with practical training experience.

Daily tasks carried out by the student in the field involved safety regulations, structure creation work, production documentation, cooperation with the customer, collaborate in determining hand labor levels, equipment and materials, to identify and handle varied materials and tools.

The main objective of the mobility experience was enriched by many interesting and useful cultural visits around Lisbon region, to experience differences in cultural and working life in Portugal.

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