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Find Your way: Start your future!

Thanks to Erasmus+ programme and according to the project “Encontra o teu Rumo: Empreende o teu Futuro”, 23 students from the Escola Professional de Tecnologia Digital (Portugal) participated in mobility placement programme in Barcelona (Spain). Thereby they got a great chance to gather new experience and further their professional portfolio. The project lasted one month, running from 9th April 2017 till 8th May 2017.

During this time participants were improving their skills in fields of Multimedia, Photography and IT. Students got a valuable practice of all the competences, skills and knowledge required during both, time of their studies and future career.

At the same time, the students got experience about the real context of a job by doing practices in companies located in Barcelona. They also got international professional competences, how to behave and respect the internal rules of an organization, how important is the team work, social and intercultural skills as well as foreign language skills. They become more responsible and self-confident.

Apart from professional experience, students had also a chance to discover what Barcelona has to offer. Since Barcelona is a very attractive city, student, there were various cultural visits, targeted exactly for students needs.

Project number: 2015-1-PT01-KA102-012834

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